Flatshare Rules

As a tenant of one of our flats, you will be expected to follow our flatshare rules.

1. You will have 24 hours to check meters, your room and common parts and inform us by email with pictures if you have any comments you want to add to the check-in protocol. After this period, if nothing is declared, you will be held responsible for anything not mentioned on your check in protocol.


2. Check-ins and Check-outs are not possible on week-ends, outside office hours (9 a.m to 6 p.m, Monday to Friday, UTC+01:00) and during Czech national holidays.


3. You must have a valid third party liability insurance to cover the entire period of your stay. We can provide a contact for a local insurance company in Prague.


4. You may not leave your room before the lease end date. In case you decide to terminate the lease period before the lease end date mentioned in your contract, your deposit will be kept by your landlord (as a penalty) and you will be held responsible for all outstanding rent payments. 


5. Deposit will be repaid within 40 days after final account of consumption costs and possible damages. Deduction from the deposit can cover: damage to the property and equipment, missing items, cleaning costs, unpaid rent, early termination of the lease or excessive consumption of energy.


6. Duvets and pillows are provided but you must bring your own linens (sheets and towels). You must use bed linen: a duvet cover, pillowcases and fitted sheets to cover the mattress.


7. Please respect your roommates and other tenants living in your building. Quiet hours are from 10 pm through 8 am. PARTIES ARE NOT ALLOWED.


8. You may not host guests overnight in your room/flat without the writing consent of the landlord and the consent of all other tenants.


9. Animals are not allowed in the flat.


10. SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED inside the flat. Non-prescribed or illegal drugs and substances are strictly forbidden in the building.


11. You are responsible for minor repairs or replacements (eg. change a bulb, fix curtain, internet connection, a leak, power cuts…) up to 1,500 CZK at your own costs. It is your responsibility to know how to use and maintain all equipment.


12. The condition of the flat will be regularly supervised by the landlord who can visit you once a month. The landlord will check that the flat is clean and that all equipment is working properly.


13. You must ensure the property is clean and is not damaged by you or anyone else. If the flat is not clean, the landlord reserves the right to send cleaning service at the cost of the tenants. You must respect the Czech recycling system:

- Paper - Blue containers

- Plastic - Yellow containers

- Glass - White and Green containers

- Cardboard boxes from beverages - Black and Orange containers


14. Use electricity, heating and water in a saving mode. Otherwise, you will be charged extra on your utility bill for abusive consumption.


15. Please remind that you share the internet with your roommates.


16. In case you lose your keys, the landlord will provide new keys at your own costs. Do not replace the lost keys or the locks yourself. Tell immediately your landlord who will provide you with new keys.


17. All mails and packages must be sent at our office. We will let you know by email when we receive something for you so you can come by to pick it up.

FIFTYFIVE s.r.o for First name + Last name, Jana Masaryka 43, 120 00 Praha 2. Czech Republic.


18. Behaviors that will cause your eviction from the property:

- Any type of disruptive behavior including drug or alcohol abuse

- Any behavior that causes the intervention of law enforcement agencies

- Any major violation of the contract/flatshare rules


19. It is forbidden to hang on the wall any posters.